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SIPC Announces Modernization Task Force and website - June 17, 2010
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Additional Information:

How to file SIPC Claims: Click here for instructions and forms.

SIPA Act of 1970: Securities Investor Protection Act of 1970

SIPC & SIPA - A Collection of Articles & Reports:

SIPC’s Form 990 for 2008

Hoover’s Profile - Definition of SIPC
(December 2007)

CRS Report - Banking and Securities Regulation and Agency Enforcement Authorities
(January 17, 2006)

Investor Survial Skills Survey - Prepared for SIPC
(December 13, 2005)

SIPC/IPT Survey Results Summary
(December 13, 2005)

Congressional Research Service Report RS21741
(September 27, 2004)

US GAO Study on SIPC
(July 2003)

Who Watches The Watchers?
(July 24,2003)

Have SIPC Protectors Run Amok?
(May 1,2000)

Audit Report on Oversight of SIPC
(March 31, 2000)

GAO Report - Sept 1992 - The Regulatory Framework Has Minimized SIPC’s Losses

SIPC Series 500 Rules Relating to Satisfaction of a “Claim for Cash” or a “Claim for Securities”
(March 1988)

Market Oversight Surveillance System Description & Justification
(January 1, 1980)

Letter To SIPC Chairman (March 11, 1975)

President Nixon - Stmt on Signing SIPA of 1970
(December 30, 1970)

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1 comment to SIPC/SIPA Information

  • Rosalind S. Clark

    I invested in a Madoff feeder fund in 2007 took only one disbursement in 2008. Why am I not eligible for SIPC?
    I was diagnosed with cancer in March 2009. The bills are pouring in, I am 62 years old. Why is there no help for
    me? Picard has told me that as an indirect investor that I am not covered by SIPC. This is not justice, whether direct or
    indirect my money went to that SOB MADOFF. Who can help me?

    PS I did not know until 12/12/08 that MOT Family Trust which was recommended by my insurance agent was a Madoff fund.