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Madoff Survivors Google Group - Click here for link

If you are a Madoff victim, you are invited to join this private on-line discussion group and also consider meeting with members in small appropriate groups to discuss the many questions ahead:

1. What resources are emerging to help? Who is ethical? Who is predatory?

2. Economically, socially and culturally — something is dying, and something is being born. How can we be ready to reinvest in the real economy that is emerging?

3. How can we be ready to restructure our lives in a way that is authentic?

4. How can we maintain a sense of abundance through the transition? Might we consider a review of one another’s resources? Some of us have second homes at stake/others will need to reduce costs more drastically. Some of us are psychologists, accountants, doctors, lawyers and healers – how can we be ready to support each other in appropriate and substantial ways?

5. How can we be socially active in keeping the Madoff fraud in the news, and on the government front-burner?

6. How do we maintain psychological and spiritual health?

Please consider forwarding any information you have that we can share with others as we unravel this mess together. There is strength in our numbers.

Click here for link to group.


Madoff Victims’ Support Group- Click here for link

The Madoff Victims’ Support Group, is a private support group. To join, send email to Ronnie Sue at Ronnie Sue and Dominic Ambrosino were key facilitators in establishing this group. You can click here to read Ronnie and Dominic’s story as reported by WPTV Channel 5.

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  • I must clarify…Dominic and I did not start the support group. We have been instrumental in supporting its growth and feel the value it has given us and over 200 victims is invaluable.

    We have moved to a new website-please visit us at

    We believe that our government is not supporting the investors and thus, we are working toward creating a viable solution toward recovery.