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I’ve witnessed first hand the pain and grief of Madoff sufferers. Extended family members. Friends. Not to mention all the excruciating personal stories I’ve read and seen in the news. One can’t help but feel for the many people whose lives have been turned upside down by the Madoff scandal. The complexity of the situation from a tax and legal perspective, however, has only added gross insult to injury.

People are confused, angry, ashamed, frustrated… and they need help.

So I created this site to do just that, to give back. I bring not only my perspective as an independent investment adviser but someone who has personal connections to people who have suffered deeply. My goal is to bring the Madoff victim and professional practitioner communities together.

So I’m hoping this site provides an ongoing sense of support and resources for those who have suffered, a source of information for sufferers and professionals alike, and an up-to-date supply of the latest Madoff-related news for all.

I welcome our readers and posters and fellow bloggers to this newsblog community. If you are a Madoff victim, please share you story and experiences. If you are a legal or accounting professional, please post your thoughts and ideas that can be of help to others. If you are a fellow blogger with a site, share your information.

Most of all, please feel free to spread the message, and welcome.

Ron Stein, CFP

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